The Ideal Gravel Bike For The Tour Aotearoa

The Ideal Gravel Bike For The Tour Aotearoa would ideally be a cross between a dual-suspension mountain bike and a top-end road bike and weigh just 6kg. It would also need to be ultra-durable and be able to take all of the bike bags available. I know this bike doesn’t exist, nor would be feasible […]

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Tour Aotearoa Gear List, and what I’d do differently

Tour Aotearoa Gear list is always a difficult subject. What works for me, may not work for you. So this is what I’d do differently. My post ‘Tour Aotearoa Gear List‘ is a detailed list of everything I thought I’d need for my bikepacking journey. It turned out to be far from reality. I packed […]

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Tour Aotearoa: The Final Push

Day 15 Our Tour Aotearoa was coming to an end. We were just 2 days away from completing it. This was the final push. We only had 360km to go. Today’s ride was from Lake Hawea to Queenstown. Just a mere 115km. But within that, we’d have the opportunity to visit plenty of cafés. And […]

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