GLCC Hour Record Attempt Success

The GLCC Hour Record Attempt success, of course it was, I was the only one that attempted it. That’s a success. I did, however, hold off posting until 4pm on the last day of the month. Yeah, coy, aye! My Whoop Strap gave me the go ahead. I was 96% rested. I’d slept well. It […]

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The Whoop Strap

Whoop, whoop, or no! Now for those of you that haven’t heard about the Whoop strap, you’ve obviously been riding outside and not on the indoor trainer watching YouTube. I’m currently waiting for more content to be uploaded, as I’ve watched almost all of the videos on YouTube! And here So Whoop is all […]

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GLCC Hour Record Attempt

GLCC Hour Record Before a rider can make an attempt and be counted in the GLCC Hour Record, they must have fulfilled the following criteria. All riders must be regular riders with GLCC All attempts must be completed on Olympic Park velodrome, and this segment A maximum of 3 attempts will be allowed. All attempts […]

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