GLCC Hour Record Attempt

GLCC Hour Record Before a rider can make an attempt and be counted in the GLCC Hour Record, they must have fulfilled the following criteria. All riders must be regular riders with GLCC All attempts must be completed on Olympic Park velodrome, and this segment A maximum of 3 attempts will be allowed. All attempts […]

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GLCC Tour of Northland 2020

GLCC has finally entered the Tour of Northland 2020. We’ve managed to enter 3 teams. It has been a long time coming. Fortunately, the founding members of GLCC are riding. This coupled with 13 very strong other riders, should make for an exciting event. The Tour Of Northland is only the second time that GLCC […]

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I’m going to take it easy, today!

Day 3 & 4 of the 5 Passes Tour 2019 Amongst our team, it became a joke, with every morning me announcing that “I’m going to take it easy today” and ” I wouldn’t go on the front”. Yet, every morning I found myself in exactly that position. It wasn’t out of needing my ego […]

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