• Change the NZ cycling calendar to Summer

    New Zealand’s school cycling calendar is run during the Winter months, yeah, it’s crazy and they should Change the NZ cycling calendar to Summer. It’s crazy in this day and age that the school cycling calendar is in Winter. Not only is it dangerous, kids simply do not want to participate when they often play […]

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    June 28, 2019 By SeoPro
  • New GLCC Bike Service In Town

    Dear GLCC members, As some of you already know I qualified as a bike mechanic in 2017. I have since then worked at a couple of bike companies in Auckland, and have also been servicing friend’s bikes with the intention of starting up my own bike servicing company. As I continue to move in this direction, […]

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    June 23, 2019 By SeoPro
  • The elusive Mauna Kea

    Only 3 weeks ago I wrote about being given the opportunity of cycling up Hawai’i’s elusive Mauna Kea. It’s amazing how fortunes change. It’s an exclusive club that gets to ride up Mauna Kea, and the often forgotten Mauna Loa. Everything was going to plan. I was feeling pretty good. Knew what it took. And […]

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    June 22, 2019 By SeoPro