• The elusive Mauna Kea

    Only 3 weeks ago I wrote about being given the opportunity of cycling up Hawai’i’s elusive Mauna Kea. It’s amazing how fortunes change. It’s an exclusive club that gets to ride up Mauna Kea, and the often forgotten Mauna Loa. Everything was going to plan. I was feeling pretty good. Knew what it took. And […]

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    June 22, 2019 By SeoPro
  • Second Crack At Cycling up Mauna Kea

    Well, it’s been over 2 years since I last attempted cycling up Mauna Kea. The last time I only managed to reach 3,200 metres. That’s just past the visitor’s centre. With a poorly thought out strategy for reaching the top, compromised by having to travel to Mt Ventoux within 2 days of trying, and poor […]

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    June 5, 2019 By SeoPro
  • Scott Foil 20 disc Review

    If you like hard’n’fast, this is the bike for you. If you like some comfort in an aero bike, avoid at all costs. For the Scott Foil 20 Disc is super stiff’ish! I’ve ridden both the 2018 and 19 model Foil disc, and the only difference was the paint job, saddle, and handlebar. The wheels, […]

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    June 4, 2019 By SeoPro