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Tour Aotearoa 2021 Adventure

Well, with just 3 weeks before I start the Tour Aotearoa 2021, I thought I’d better start writing my blog. At this point in time, I plan to write a daily journal. But hey, we all know about best laid plans….

So what is the Tour Aotearoa (TA), I hear you say. Well, it’s a 3000 Km journey through the heartland of New Zealand. It starts at Cape Reinga, and finishes at Sterling Point, Bluff. It takes in various trails throughout, such as the Timbertrail, Bridge To Nowhere, Big River, and West Coast Trail. While most of it is navigable on a gravel bike, there are some sections where a mountain bike would be better suited.

So how it all started, and how it’s going. I started saying no to the idea, last year. And gradually I warmed to it. Mike Mead put the idea in my head, but he also wanted to ride back. That put me off. My idea is to ride and take it all in whilst going in one direction.

I started with the idea of riding 150 km/day. Then increased that to 180. Now, I’m currently at 200-250 Km/day. Just as my gear list has been trimmed. I started with the idea of taking a bevy, sleeping mat, and sleeping bag. Now it’s just a sleeping bag. Anything to save weight. I won’t bore you with the rest of the gear. Let’s just say that it’s minimal.

So when does it all start? The first wave of 100 riders starts on the 21st February. My wave starts on the 23rd. Although, in my wave there are less than 100 riders. Also, I know quite a few riders starting in front of me. That’s encouragement alone.

So, I’ll update you when there’s something else to say. Until then. It’s training fully loaded. Oh, and one thing, I’m really not very good on gravel, MTB tracks, or anything off road. Things should be interesting. You can follow my progress here.



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