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Tour Of New Zealand

So with little over a week, I’ve been given the opportunity to race the Tour of New Zealand (TONZ). It’s an eight-day stage race, from Queenstown to Wellington, via Rotorua.

Unfortunately, Peter wasn’t able to go due to work commitments, and so this gifted me the position of being part of a 4 man team. The race starts on Saturday 6th April, with a team time trial (TTT) from Te Anau to Queenstown. This determines what position you ride in for the next 6 stages.

I see my role in the team, given I’m the newbie, to smash myself and lead-out the others. This will work especially well on the TTT, as only the best 3 riders times count. Aside from this, I have no idea how it’s going to pan out, or for that matter, what I’m in for.

I’ll keep you posted



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