The 5 Passes Tour is upon us.

So, as quickly as we entered, it arrived. It only feels like yesterday that we were discussing entering a GLCC team. Sure enough, we got 5 riders together to enter the 5 Passes Tour. With no overall ambition on winning, more being participants and scenery watchers, it takes all the pressure off. But, and it’s […]

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Wheel performance upgrade for under $300

Anyone interested in making an improvement in wheel weight and rolling performance should seriously consider this cost effective option. I have noticed a significant improvement in my riding both hill climbing and on rolling to flat terrain as a result of the following changes. Step 1 – Tubilito tubes at $54 NZD they were expensive […]

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#Maunakea, the World’s hardest climb.

Maunakea, the worlds hardest climb. I used to think that it was called Mauna Kea, until I was taught by the locals that it was Maunakea. Yeah, all one word. This is the third time I’ve tried to ride up Maunakea. The first time, back in 2017 I just didn’t have the right gearing. The […]

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