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Fewer KMs, same intensity

So, it’s now only 11 days away. I’ve become a complete fricking Haute Route bore. Currently weighing in at 74.4 Kgs. Have managed a couple of big rides with good intensity. Now for the tapering period.

I went on a massive eating binge yesterday. Nothing was safe. Everything in sight went in my gob. Today I’ll be a lot more cautious about what I eat. Have only just rehydrated from Saturday, much to my amazement.

What I did learn from Saturday’s K2 ride is that I shouldn’t drink coke anytime before the end of a ride. I completely bonked 40km from the end, with one hill to climb. Then I had the displeasure of trying to get home. Fortunately the group of guys I was riding with waited, and one even came back to collect me.

After stopping for a Summer Roll, and some more coke, I was good enough to carry on. Actually, I felt fit enough to take my turn on the front, but didn’t.



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