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The elusive Mauna Kea

Only 3 weeks ago I wrote about being given the opportunity of cycling up Hawai’i’s elusive Mauna Kea. It’s amazing how fortunes change. It’s an exclusive club that gets to ride up Mauna Kea, and the often forgotten Mauna Loa.

Everything was going to plan. I was feeling pretty good. Knew what it took. And knew what equipment was required. And this time I was being supported. Everything was looking good.

Then a couple of weeks ago we were racing at the Pukekohe Team Series, organised by Counties Manakau Cycling Club, when disaster struck. We were just about to start our first of 4 sprints, when my lunch was cut. I had the line going into the corner. When all of a sudden a rider appeared on my inside, and one on my outside. I had nowhere to go. The guy on the inside chose a different line. I crashed. At this point I’d like to thank the organisers and medical teams.

My teammate crashed into the back of me. The impact was so hard that he broke his carbon rim on my back. But the luckiest rider that crashed into me somersaulted over myself and Ian, and not once did he let go of his handlebars. As fluid at water he remounted with the grace of an Olympic gymnast. Even the Russian judges would have scored him a 10.

So with that crash my ideas of cycling up Mauna Kea and Loa are all but dust. I’ll still be taking my bike and riding, but the dreams of conquering the magical Mauna Kea will be just that. Here’s hoping my wrist and elbow heal fast enough to be able to ride with moderate comfort. I just couldn’t ride 8 hours uphill, and then 3 downhill.

The elusive Mauna KeaThe elusive Mauna KeaBugger!



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