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Trek Madone SLR 6 Disc

Trek Madone SLR Project One Disc

There are only two words to describe the new Trek Madone SLR Disc, fast and comfortable. Now that may sound like an oxymoron, and in some ways it is. If the isospeed decoupler is in its most aggressive position, then yeah, it’s a hard ride. But should you have it placed in the most relaxed position, then hell yeah, it’s super comfortable. Now I’m not going to go into details about the isospeed decoupler, just Google it.

After a tumultuous time finding the right disc brake bike, I finally settled for the Trek Madone SLR Disc, the Ford of bikes, or so I was told. And in many respects it is, but that shouldn’t detract from the bike itself, that’s just more about the brand rather than the bike. It’s beautifully engineered with all internal cables, a semi two-piece handlebar offering 10º movement, and full aero look. The only negative is the wheels. They are Bontrager Aelous 5 comp. They’re utter crap. And they weigh a tonne.

Trek Project one paint job

Aside from the wheels it’s a true joy to ride. I’d previously been riding a Scott Foil, both rim and disc brake, and this bike is a lot faster and smoother than both. Swapping out the wheels for something light makes it even faster. I wouldn’t even bother trying/using there wheelset at all. Sure you could argue it makes it fit a specific price point, but come on Trek. A carbon fairing bonded to an aluminium braketrack on a set of wheels on an $8k bike, it’s laughable.

The reason why I chose to have a bike with all internal cables is that it won’t be long before all groupsets are wireless, and I hate plugging those ugly entry and exit ports on frames. I’m not sure when we’ll see wireless brakes, though. This bike has a very clean look. A look not too disimilar from the Specialized Venge, especially from the front.

With the Trek Madone disc, Specialized Venge disc, and Focus Izalco Max disc the integrated cable are engineered to perfection. But with the Cannondale and Giant the integration is less so. But it’s really about what you can afford at the time, and most disc bikes will ride just as well with good wheels.

So after all of the fuss I had to endure from Scott and Sheppard Industries, I’m more than happy to be riding a Ford.

I’d just like that give a special thank you to Darren and Cyco in Auckland. After all the issues I’m finally happy. Thank you.



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