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West Lynn cycle lanes

C = C but C&P = C²

Cars = Cash, but Cyclists & Pedestrians = Cash ²

Grey Lynn cycle lanes

Grey Lynn cycle lanes proposals offer a chance for a healthy lifestyle and neighbourhood

The controversy over the proposed West Lynn cycle lanes assumes that the current car only roads is the norm. When car only roads are the extreme, the proposed West Lynn cycle lanes offer a more balanced and liveable neighbourhood option. Grey Lynn, as with the rest of Auckland, has for a longtime been at the mercy of the car. Adding Grey Lynn cycle lanes into the conversation offers our community the ability to cycle around our neighbourhood safely. The ideal outcome is for children to be able to cycle to school safely.

Getting kids to school on cycle lanes, and not on footpaths, reduces the risk to pedestrians. It also frees up the parking spaces outside of school, and reduces the traffic snarls with parents dropping their kids off to school. Kids cycling to school both frees up some time for parents, and encourages a healthier lifestyle.

There have been several objections, one anonymous, and one extremely vocal. All of the objections come from businesses. They suffer what most businesses suffer, short sightedness. It has been demonstrated that adding cycle lanes not only does it not effect businesses negatively, but more often than not, it improves retail sales. Just ask Amsterdam, and many other cities that are undergoing transformations. Crikey, even LA and NYC are adding lanes with no detrimental retail effect.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve Grey Lynn’s health, and its residents. Let’s all get on board and promote this wonderful addition to our community.





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