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GLcc Summer Training Camp, definitely not a Rapha experience!

GLcc Summer Training Camp, definitely not a Rapha experience!

Come and join the Grey Lynn Cycle Club for a weekend of Summer training.

Save the date: 24th March 2018


Let us challenge and inspire you, and fuel your passion for cycling. Using our experience of road riding and our love of the history of the sport, we have created Grey Lynn CC Randonnées: point-to-point itineraries in New Zealand’s cycling classic territorie. Take on the mythical climb of Ruapehu, New Zealand’s only Hors Category climb, cycle the road less travelled through the beautiful landscape around Tongariro National Park and Lake Taupo.

This a Rapha Tour, and we definitely won’t provide any creature comforts. There’ll be no milk and cookies for those that may fail. No soigneur to massage your broken body afterwards. Heck, there won’t even be a team car on offer. What there will be a fucking challenge. Cycling 320 km from Ohakune, around Tongariro National Park and also Lake Taupo. Afterwards we’ll relax with a few beers and some hearty tucker at the Powderkeg.

It’ll be a weekend of gears and beers.

Travel down to Ohakune on Friday 23rd, and be back home to your sweetheart by Sunday afternoon.

Day 1:

Ohakune – Ohakune

Distance: 320km.  Climbing: 3,884 metres

Day 2:

Mount Ruapehu Time Trial.

Distance: 16km.     Climbing: 1,000 metres

Am I strong enough for the trip?

Fuck yeah.

All our trips are physically demanding, but some are harder than others. GLcc Randonnées are among the toughest, and retreats are among the least relaxing. Our lack of guides, soigneurs and mechanics will go to not supporting any rider to go beyond their usual level of riding. Each individual trip is rated for difficulty, and this is amongst the most difficult, so harden the fuck up.

We won’t drop anyone and make sure all that ride eat enough and don’t bonk. There’s nothing worse than a bonking cyclist, ok, maybe Donald Trump.

All routes can be found below:

Just leave a message if you’re interested.

There’s also the chance to ride from Auckland to Ohakune on the Wednesday/Thursday if you chose to. Details to be confirmed.



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