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Scott Foil 20 disc Review

If you like hard’n’fast, this is the bike for you. If you like some comfort in an aero bike, avoid at all costs. For the Scott Foil 20 Disc is super stiff’ish!

I’ve ridden both the 2018 and 19 model Foil disc, and the only difference was the paint job, saddle, and handlebar. The wheels, the seat post clamp, groupset, etc, all remain the same.

Scott Foil 20 Disc 2018

The Scott Foil is built for speed, and it also happens to look fast. The limited colour choice won’t be for everyone. But for those that love black and silver, or luminous yellow, then you’re in for a treat.

Spec’d with Shimano’s Ultegra groupset it represents a good value aero bike, if only it wasn’t for the poor service and annoying front disc grind that was there on both bikes. It was only remedied when the front disc calliper was changed from an Ultegra to that of a Dura Ace.

Now, quite whose fault the front calliper issue is remains to be seen. For the consumer, this means a whole lot of trouble, depending on your retailer and distributor. Fortunately, I was able to finally remedy this after 6 months of it being in the workshop more than being ridden.

Once the calliper was changed, alas, no more brake grind (not just your normal disc rub, something more sinister). With more modern aero bikes offering internal cabling, it was disappointing not to have that on any of the models of Scott Foil.

The ride, well, apart from the wheels, which yet again are useless, but meet budget requirements, it’s firm. On New Zealand big chip roads you feel every aspect of the road surface. This isn’t a bike for long rides, but something more short and snappy. I know that Matt Hayman won Paris Roubaix on a rim brake version, but he’s a pro and I’m nowhere near.

The handling is on point. Fast into corners, and railed around them and out with ease. On smooth seal, it’s a delight to ride. And I’d totally recommend buying one if you live in an area with good road seal.

Two considerations before purchasing.
1, make sure that your seat post clamp is tightened correctly. The clamp and its design are less than desirable. The amount of time I had slippage was laughable.
2, Make sure the front brake calliper is changed to a Shimano Dura Ace version. The design for the Ultegra disc calliper is not compatible for the Scott Foil. The chamfered edge on the inside of the Ultegra calliper, when fitted to the Scott Foil forks are a recipe for brake grinding. Not a pleasant experience. This won’t leave you with a good new bike feeling.
Also make sure that your distributor is able to be communicated with, that they respond to emails and telephone calls. The ones in New Zealand and Australia were dreadful.
After owning many Scott bikes in the past, this was my last one. The customer service was awful. Buyer beware.



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