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Change the NZ cycling calendar to Summer

New Zealand’s school cycling calendar is run during the Winter months, yeah, it’s crazy and they should Change the NZ cycling calendar to Summer.

It’s crazy in this day and age that the school cycling calendar is in Winter. Not only is it dangerous, kids simply do not want to participate when they often play other more dominant sports, let alone parents wanting to help.

I know of no good reason why Cycling New Zealand don’t change the calendar! It’s damn right irresponsible. Dragging kids out on wet, cold, and dark mornings is a parents nightmare. This is made even more difficult the older they get. Remember when you were a teenager, yeah!

The fact that cycling as a sport isn’t growing is testament enough. Now imagine cycling in the Summer. There are less majority of sports to compete with. It’s warmer, drier, and a hell of a lot safer. Parents would also feel encouraged to help out, and volunteer.

There are many kids at schools across the country that would relish the prospect of it being a Summer sport and many more parents that would also! With the main sports of NZ school kids being soccer, netball, rugby, hockey, etc, all of these are Winter sports.

I understand that the Summer holidays take up most of December and January, but training could take place in term four, and racing start in term 1. This would also encourage children and adults to cycle more. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

So please NZ Cycling, please make it a Summer sport for the kids and parents sake!



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